Nekyia has two meanings; the first is the inner journey into the unconscious through which you reconnect with and heal your wounded self. The second is the ancient Greek ritual in which spirits were quizzed on what the future would be. 

Using the river Acheron as a guide for my personal nekyia across Epirus, my aim is to create a metaphorical and allegorical perspective on modern day Greece, juxtaposing the mythologic heritage of the region to the current political-economical situation.







"Nekyia" has been published as a book in May 2017 by Witty Kiwi.

It has been designed by Mauro Bubbico   and presents forewords by

Colin Pantall   and essay by Francesca Seravalle.


Nekyia is part of the following collections:


The National Art Library  - V&A Museum -  London (UK)

Colección FOLIO  -   Centro de la Imagen -   Mexico City (Mexico)

IFA -  New York University (US)



Nominated as Best Books of 2017 by   photoeye